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 Washwater.org is under construction




a Resource for Commercial Cleaning Community and Environmental enforcement


As the Clean Water Act has required the Power Washing and other outdoor cleaning applications to develop

Environmentally friendly cleaning techniques, and Best Management Practices have been written..

Obviously, it is wise for business owners to understand and comply with regulations concerning the collection

 and disposal of wash water pollutants. ..It’s just smart business.


WashWater.org was created as a non-profit trade association consisting of environmentally sensitive

manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and professional cleaning contractors.

Together we’re promoting public awareness and industry-wide educational program for the advancement

 of BMP standards and practices as they relate to the entire cleaning industry..

Dilution is NOT the Solution !


Wash Water Control Certification means your help can and should be schooled and tested in

"Best Management Practices" for outdoor cleaning applications..

In what the laws mean, how to Deal with them,

what the Jobsite Requires for Sustainability,


tools and equipment are available, and.. How to Find, configure, use, and manage them.

Our Best Management Practices are well defined, and simplistically manageable. Recommended

BMP document templates include jobsite safety, "secondary containment", planned disposal methods,

and personal accountability.

more info..

Call Jerry McMillen at

800-400-CLEAN (2532) or, e-mail.. info@WashWater.org




is sponsored by.. Sirocco Performance Vacuums


Cleaning System Specialists, Inc. dba.. Pressurewasher.net


   Washwater.org is under construction