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  A Resource for Business & the Environment

As environmental concerns continue to be a hot topic of public and legal discussion it is wise for business owners to understand and comply with regulations concerning the collection and disposal of wash water pollutants.

Pressure washer operators, auto detailing professionals, carpet cleaners, construction companies, and any other businesses creating wash water run-off, need to understand strict new environmental laws being enforced across the United States.

It’s just smart business.

Consequently, WashWater.org was created as a non-profit trade association consisting of environmentally sensitive manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and professional cleaning contractors.

Together we’re promoting public awareness and industry education for the advancement of clean water standards and practices as they relate to the contract cleaning industry.

Listed on the following pages you’ll find information explaining legal compliance as well as contact information for regulatory agencies in your area. We hope you find this resource useful and invite your comments and participation.




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